Applying for a Schengen Visa via the French Consulate

Applying for a visa

By Prerna M.

In order to get a Schengen visa, it is necessary to apply for multiple entry visa from one of the Schengen countries. (For more on Schengen countries, read our article.) I applied and got a tourist Schengen Visa through the French Embassy last year: and here’s the good, bad and ugly of the process.

Where to apply ?

The French Embassy has outsourced the processing of their visa to an Indian company called VFS. So all the necessary information about what, where, how and when is available on the VFS France site. Any applicant can download visa forms for different categories for the site too.

How much it costs ?

For information on the visa fees structure: When we include the Visa fee + VFS’ processing charges, it rounds up to about Rs 5000.

How long it takes?

There are two aspects to this: first is scheduling of appointment and then the entire procedure of submitting, interview and getting the visa. The first part entirely depends on how busy the VFS is. I would definitely recommend getting your appointment date at least a month or month-and-half before your departure. This can be done online or by calling their VSF service.

Once you have your date, the second part takes only 2 days and is done at the French Consulate of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkatta (to the best of my knowledge). So remember, if you don’t live in these cities, there will be a trek involved.

On the scheduled appointment day, the applicant has to FIRST go to the VFS office and submit the documents. The VFS officer then issues an interview token upon the receiving of the visa fee for the following day. The applicant then goes for his interview the next day (at the French Consultate) and receives his visa the very day.

Regarding the paperwork?

Don’t underestimate the power of paperwork. If they ask for a document, make sure you have it. And don’t let pride step-in. In my case, I happily wrote that my father was funding my trip – even though it was not the case – and showed his bank statements instead of mine, because of course, it made my application stronger. I arrived with a complete set of travel, accommodation and financial documents.

Questions at interviews?

The good news about the French Visa system is that if your paper work is strong, then the interview is a mere formality. For the tourist visa, they ask the usual questions like: who is funding? How many days? What accommodation? Etc. If the applicant is traveling alone, they might ask why? To that I simply give a guarded but confident answer like “ some of my friends will be joining me on my trip”.  Please do NOT mention things like “I have family” or boyfriend. These are strict NO. At visa interviews, it is never a good idea to be TOO HONEST! (Though, read Aditi Tandon’s comment below for a contrary view. Also, if you get nervous during interviews, it might be better to just stick to the truth and slug it out).

What is a biometric?

The French consulate insists on taking biometric every time the applicant applies for a visa. Biometrics involves taking imprints of all your 8 fingers and 2 thumbs on a machine that they keep for records. I think, all the four consulates now have the biometric facilities available. When I applied last year, only the Mumbai and Delhi Consulates did, which meant I had to travel from Bangalore to Mumbai for this.

Other tips.

Even if you are actually staying with friends/family/hosts, I would suggest for you to not mention this in your application. The French system has a complicated procedure for anyone staying with French citizens. The host family has to first collect a paid application from the Townhall. Next, they are forced to answer absurd questions related to their personal/financial situation. (Again read Aditi Tandon’s comment below for a contrary view. Also, if you get nervous during interviews, it might be better to just stick to the truth, get your paperwork done in advance and slug it out).

Take my advice, just make cheap hostel bookings across the country that you can easily cancel after getting your visa: they can’t question the bookings and it is the simplest and easiest way to keep the paper work light. (And stick to your story during the interview).

Multiple set of original documents: Always keep two set of originals of your bank statements or other documents. My bank statement was misplaced by the VSF officer…thankfully I had another copy of my originals at the day of the interview.

Do read our article on why it is important to careful with your visa when travelling by train.

More on France: For a beginner’s guide to France as a destination, go here. For our review of Paris, go here. For a beginner’s guide to public transport in Paris, go here. For our review of Nice, go here. And for our review of the Louvre museum, go here.

If you have any tips, advice, experience, peeves or bile on the subject, the comment space is all yours. If you have any questions or story you want to share with other Indian readers, write to us at

  • Rajat Kapoor


    I am planning to travel to Paris in December. All the paperword is done expcept the funds…
    To be honest, I work for Dell and have a steady income of 25K per month, got 2 years ITR…
    Now we are about to recieve some amount around 5000k after selling some piece of land and I wish to utilse that to fund my trip.( at least 3lhs out of it..

    So in any way I will not be able to show this amount in transanction when my travel is in Dec. So is their any way you could suggest that I could us this amount and show a proof suppoting my application..


  • kotresh

    I am holding a work permit which states (FRANCE +1 TRANSIT SCHENGEN). I have staying here in france from last one month. I would like to know is it possible for me to travel to ANDORRA with this VISA ?

  • manisha sharma

    Need some help. I seem to be in a situation. I have applied for Schengen visa last week, particularly to visit Switzerland and then travel other Schengen countries in the period of 2 weeks and it is self-funded using my savings. Yesterday my agent asked me to send NOC by my mother, which I provided now. I realised that it is one of the required doc. for travellers who are single which wasn’t asked by my agent at the first place.
    Of the above context my actual query is regarding cancellation of VISA at this stage. It looks like that I need my savings for some urgent personal matter which seems to have emerged this week suddenly and I would like to postpone or if required even cancel it. My agent at the time of applying told me very insistently that cancelling must be a no-no thing. I am bit worried if it is okay to ask for cancellation at this stage? Now when NOC was missing and me asking for cancellation at the same time I don’t want to leave authority with any sort of impression. Guidance will be highly appreciated.

  • Latconnect

    Hi, starting from April 2014, there is one more option for getting Schengen visa. In April Embassy of Latvia started to work in New Delhi and there are several options for getting Schengen visa. Even if you travel to Germany or France, Latvia could be good entry point, especially for Business people. More information could be found on

  • Rob

    VFS is not mandatory for Schengen visa’s! Applicants are at all times entitled to a direct application at the Schengen embassy in question. Many seem to promote the use of an external service provider (often VFS Global or TLS Contact) but this can not be required. For both reservations and actual applications you can always contact an embassy directly. Legal basis: article seventeen of EU Regulation 810/2009. Embassies are actually required to give an applicant a clear and genuine choice between a direct application and using a service provider such as VFS.

    The handbook says:
    “Direct access: Maintaining the possibility for visa applicants to lodge their applications directly at the consulate instead of via an external service provider implies that there should be Maintaining the possibility for visa applicants to lodge their applications directly at the
    consulate instead of via an external service provider implies that there should be a genuine choice between these two possibilities. Even if direct access does not have to be organised under identical or similar conditions to those for access to the service provider, the conditions should not make direct access impossible in practice. Even if it is acceptable to have a different waiting time for obtaining an appointment in the case of direct access, the waiting time should not be so long that it would render direct access impossible in practice. The different options available for lodging a visa
    application should be presented plainly to the public, including clear information both on the choice and the cost of the additional services of the external service provider.”

    More info and PDF sources:

  • Pankaj Verma

    Hi, I’m Pankaj,

    I am about to apply for a german visit visa would be sponsored by mother of my fiancee who is german citizen already and had sent me a letter of obligation which i have already received. Is it important to have sufficient funds in my bank account as right now i’m only having around Rs 150000 in my bank account ?

  • ankee

    I had a remarriage few months back. me and my husband, both had a divorce 3+ yrs back. i have a child from my last marriage. my husband has got an onsite project at amsterdam and his company is sponsoring schengen visa. i hv marriage cert to support my dependency on him,but my kid is not a legal child of my husband. i have a divorce decree which states i hv ful custody of my child. will it be sufficient or i would need more supporting docs to apply for dependent schengen visa to go to amsterdam with my husband. (p.s. – the work stay is going to be more than 3 months)

  • devil

    hey, i am from India, going to uk on 10 september for post graduation and i have my uk student visa valid from 15/8/2014 to 10/12/2015.
    now, suppose I want to go to several other schengen countries as follows,
    1/9/2014-5/9/2014- france
    then back to uk from netherland..attend university for two weeks, say
    10/9/2014-24/9/2014- london studying, after that again i want to go to spain say from
    24/9/2014-27/9/2014- spain
    then back to london on 2/10/2014… then study seriously for 1 year.
    Now, suppose i make all the arrangements say hotel booking, tickets, bank balance etc and then apply for schengen visa.
    Now, will they give me MULTIPLE ENTRY SCHENGEN VISA?

    BASICALLY, my question is how to get schengen visa for 6 months with multiple entry, so that i dont have to run around in uk for getting visa for each country for each trip, ie i plan to travel different countries every weekend, so i want a 6 months multiple entry schengan visa.

    any smart solution for this particular problem?
    note- Pl dont give me directions of how to get the visa, which embassy to apply for, which type of visa should i go for?
    i know all general things/facts about schengen visa!!!


  • joshua

    Hi sir,
    am joshua from hyderabad,india,i want go trinidad and tobago country so can you please guode me how to do this am very thankful to you sir.

  • joshua

    Dear Sir,
    please help me I need to travel for Schengen visa but how to apply for this i dont know,If you suggest me am very very thankful to you . I need a visa for trinidad and tobago . please reply me ( )919440591586 I am from hyderabad,india. please help me

  • Amartyo

    I have a H1B visa and am currently staying in USA for more than 6 months now.I will be travelling to India for my marriage in june end. I plan to travel to france- belgium in july ( 18-26). Currently my passport is about to expire in October and I wiill be applying for a renewal. Also I have applied for my H1B extension. So i wont have time to apply at the france consulate in US. Also I am not sure how to apply and I want this to be taken care of by some agency. Hence I plan to do all the Schengen visa formalities from India in June. Is it possible to apply for Schengen visa in India for myself and my wife and not in US?

  • Akshaya

    Hello There,

    I’m going to apply for a schengen visa to france for my parents soon, they will be flying from London to Paris.They already have a UK visa, but unfortunately there has been an error in my father’s name for his flight ticket from London-Paris.

    His name is Narsimhan Lakshmi Kasthuri and on the ticket the name is mentioned as Lakshmi Narsimhan Kasthuri. The tickets are non-refundable, and i would loose the money they have already charged for the ticket in addition to charges for the new ticket.

    Will the name be an issue while applying for the visa/ while boarding the flght? Should i get a new ticket for my father or is it okay to continue with the error in the name on the ticket?

  • Lily

    Hi, I intend to travel Italy in May with my husband but unfortunately my office authority is unwilling to provide me NOC.My husband already got visa..Please suggest me what should I do?

  • Jampot

    I wish to apply for a german tourist Visa from Bangalore. Earlier in Bangalore consulate they did not have the VFS collection center, everyone had to submit directly. Now you have 2 options; either thru VFS or submit directly at the consulate and in this case you have a visa interview.

    My question : Which is better ? I believe facing the visa interview gives one an opportunity to explain , whereas in the VFS case everything happens behind the scenes based on what they see in your documents. Can someone please suggest, pleaseee.

  • Md. Shaheen Sheikh

    Dear Sir, please help me I need to travel for Schengen visa but sad to say in Bangladesh no way to apply for this If you suggest me I will come to India. I need a visa Ireland/ Netherlands. Denmark by hook and crock. please reply me ( +8801840680420 ) I am from Bangladesh, please help me

  • Roma

    This site really helped me! I applied for tourist schengan on 4th september and got the visa on 6th September(my birthday!)

    I showed all the papers- my it returns, salary slips, bank statement, letter from employer with date i’m to be back to work, etc.

  • Sanjay.K

    My girlfriend is french, I would like to visit her for two weeks at the end of the year. If I don’t book a hotel and instead ask her to fill an invitation, do I have good chances to obtain my visa? Also if i am staying two weeks there, how much money should I have on my accounts? Also I need a insurance that covers 30k euros, is it easy to find here in India?

  • srsharma


    I am from jaipur and i want only shenzehn visa not need all china visa i want stay there only 2-3 days we can get only shenzehn visa for alone only, how much time we will be get shenzen visa ..

    • Blah

      this is schengen visa, which is for europe, shenzhen is a city in china, you’ll need china visa

  • Suchitra


    I live in Manchester, UK with a dependent visa as my husband is working here. My parents live in India. I want them to join me in UK, go on a Europe tour together, return to UK and stay with me for some more time and then take the flight back to India. This will be their first trip outside India. They have valid passports. My father is a lawyer aged 58 and mother is a housewife aged 54.

    My parents will need UK visa (multiple entry) and Schengen visa (multiple entry). For which do they need to apply first? Does the UK grant multiple-entry visa for first-time tourists from India? What document does a lawyer need to produce as proof of employment?

    Please help.

  • Gauri

    hello, i am from mumbai. i have submitted my schengen visa application on saturday and i am supposed to go to germany switzerland france on 15th june. when will i get my visa?

  • deepika

    Hlo…could u plz give me all detail information how i apply for a tourist visa for paris on my own basis…what anddocuments are required and in bank statement how much amount wl b e shown…plz mail as soon as posible…

  • Gauri

    I am going to Germany, Switzerland and France from 15th June. All our required documents and Visa forms are filled but my mom hasn’t gotten her leave sanction yet. So we haven’t yet submitted our visas. How long does it take to process the Shengen visa ? Their website says it takes 3-5 days. But I’m very tensed. Will we get our visa by atleast 10th June if we submit it in 3-4 days ?

    • Lily

      Hi, I intend to travel Italy with my husband but unfortunately my office authority is unwilling to provide me NOC.My husband already got visa..Please suggest me what should I do?

  • Bornpsy


    I’m moving to Valencia, Spain on a student visa this September, and am planning to submit my application and documents in July. I want to do a Eurotrip with a friend before I start my course (barcelona, paris, zurich, rome, athens, valencia). My course begins September 3rd, and I want to leave for Europe around the 22nd of August. My question is- during my visa interview, can I tell the officer about my trip and ask him to grant me a visa that’s valid from August 22 (provided, of course, that I’ve given him travel + stay proof for that period separately), and move around hassle free in the schengen states before coming back to valencia to start my course?

  • Kayen

    HI! I had a couple of questions and I’d be grateful if you could help me out with it. Thanks in advance!

    1. I’ve been invited for an all expenses paid job interview by a company in Amsterdam. I know I’m supposed to be travelling on a C-type Schengen visa (short visitor) but what should be the purpose of visit on the application form – business, tourist, etc.?

    2. I have confirmed hotel booking, insurance, and air tickets for the travel. Would I also need to furnish bank statements and/or salary slips from my current employer?

    3. Since I’m going on a job interview, is a declaration from my current employer necessary? I already have an invite letter from the Dutch organization.

    4. I’m currently on a business trip to Singapore and will be flying back to India around the end of the month. My date of travel to Amsterdam is 4 days away from the arrival date in India. My question is, being an Indian national, can I apply for a Schengen visa from Singapore and use it from India? Reason being I have hardly any time left when I reach India to apply for a Schengen visa.

    Thanks a ton!

  • Mannu

    My bank statements show steady inflow of income aroung 70k per month.
    How much money should be shown in my bank statements for a french visa for 20 days.

    • Gauri

      Hey, Me too wanna know this :) . How much money do we show.

  • yogesh


    Thanks to indiancompass for making this lovely website, and it is very good that people are getting prompt responses.

    I am a college student in DU, still doing my graduation and i am a resident of Delhi I am applying for schengen visa, as i have to go to Frankfurt, Germany on 21 may and it will be a 12 days trip. I have my German friend living over there. I have to go to meet my friend over there. He has already given me an informal letter, in which he has mentioned that i have to visit Germany for family celebration, also he has given me a letter for visa office, with same kind of description. He has also given me verpflichtungserklärung( letter for sponsorship). I will buy the medical insurance and dummy ticket before visiting to the vfs office.

    1. I would like to know if I need his passport and residence proof or not, and only photocopies, right? I have his business card.

    2. Do I need any other document as such, like my passbook photocopy to show transactions, or any weird conditions they have( like for passport application, they want documents older than 1 year)

    3. I haven’t applied for my visa yet, as I am waiting for my passport, i think i will get it by the end of this month. After that, i have only 20 days in which I have to run for my visa. So, if I apply in May, how much time will it take for me to get the visa?

    4. What kind of questions can they ask me during my interview? Are they going to ask all the details about my friend too?

    It would a great help for me. Thanks.


  • SL

    Certain Facts in the above article are incorrect :

    1. An appointment with the VFS 2 weeks in advance is good enough for VISA processing.

    2. MOST IMPORTANTLY: The “Cheap Hostel Reservation and cancellation” is to be avoided at all costs. The embassies want a “non cancellable” reservation. All cancellable reservations are subject to further scrutiny at different entry points(VFS, French Consulate, French Immigration on Arrival). They often form the reason for Visa rejection if you are a single, young, non earning and a professionally unstable traveller.

    One must understand the reasons behind such a VISA scrutiny by EU countries:
    EU has a huge immigration problem. Only 1 in 9 Indians in France is living legally(Yes the figures are true). Most people from Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat or Tamil Nadu who go to France as tourists, never come back and live there illegally for benefits.

    So as Indian travellers one must not take any chances with the authenticity of paper work.

  • anu

    My visa if from 11th and my ticket is on 10th night at 10.50 pm . Will it be a problem

    • SL

      no problem at all
      you wont reach there before 11th anyway

  • badshah singh


    i am a traveler-writer, self employed.
    i wish to travel through europe on my own funds(savings).
    please help.
    i am 27, engg by qualification holding a valid indian passport.
    also let me know…how/where i can get travel insurance as mentioned.

    • Rohit Kaushik

      U can get a online travel insurance through any insurance company, i checked it out on , for getting a visa you must have a tour plan , exact period of days you will be staying, all hotel reservation, return airline tickets, sufficient funds in bank.

      Hope this helps

  • Varun


    I’m visiting the Netherlands for attending attending a conference. I would also be visiting two other Schengen countries for tourism purpose.

    In my passport, the surname field is blank and the given name field contains my full name. is this going to cause any problems in the grant of visa/immigration/other problems if I get to visit these countries? Would any changes need to be made to the passport so that there are no problems? please let me know asap as I need to apply for a visa in the coming weeks.


  • aks

    Hi Editor!
    I applied for german tourist visa about a week ago with all papers and documents to german consulate in Kolkata. Gave interview for same on last week thursday during which he asked about my why spanish tourist visa got rejected (which i applied last year) to which i said some mis-understanding in documentation and now i want to go to germany. during interview i also told to plan and meet some friends in germany though i had shown all hotel bookings. even then he wanted invitation letter in that case which i sent last week itself from my spanish friend living in germany for last 20 years with copy of his spanish passport. my flight leaving india 18th oct’12. today i got call from embassy saying they are not sure about issue of visa to me and i can cancel my flight to frankfurt.
    i asked about how much timeframe it will take and nice lady hung the phone in hurry.
    now i dont know if visa will be given or not and how much time to get back my passport ?
    please guide and help ?

    • SL

      If you have more than two european rejects on your passport, be assured you would never get any again..

  • Arpeet

    No that’s wrong even I had UKvalid visa my schengen visa was rejected apart from submitting all docd.

  • iyengar

    i need schengan visa for italy . can anyone tell me how long it would take


    hi……can u help me.. out…..i just want sum information abt SCHENGEN visa….. can we extend from board….. means without sending my passport to office……
    our ship is in europe side …. nd my visa got exprd… so no shore leave from last 2 months….
    can any help me….

  • Neha

    Hi I have few questions regarding the Schengen visa application form (I will be flying from delhi to paris), it would be awesome if you can answer these

    For 1st point – Surname –> I don’t have a surname on my passport,my father has a different surname and my mother has a different surname. What do you suggest I should write here?

    Point nu. 21 – Main purpose of the journey — my is tourism as well as visiting cousin. What should be written here?

    Point 33 – Cost of Travelling and living during the applicant’s stay is covered – Here my cousin will be supporting accommodation, and I will also be supporting myself and my father will also be helping me with some money. So, what needs to be checked here?

  • Navi

    Hi…am an indian citizen, planning to visit euroepe sometime in early november. I have few questions. Please guide:
    How much money do i actually need to show as the supporting funds/financial aid?

    Since my dad wishes to actually pay for the whole trip, would his bank statement and ITR. Documents do? Or do i too have to produce my own bank statement and ITR? ?

    Is it necessary t o have money in a saving account or would a fxed deposit which is yet to get matured would also do??

    Appreciate an early reply. Thanks-navi

  • Aj

    Hey Everyone,My friends and I are planning a Eurotrip in Feb, but we’re a little concerned about the Visa. Just want to know a few things:
    1. Is it better to apply through an agent or by ourselves (I’ve heard your chances are better through an agent)
    2. We’re planning to visit Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and maybe one more place nearby (if possible), which consulate would be best to apply to? P.S. We all live in Bangalore, so an interview in Chennai or so, would be preferable.
    3. We’re all around 25-26 years of age. Our income isn’t that high. But our bank balance shows around 1.5 lacs each – is that enough to prove you can cover your expenses?
    4. Since we’re going together – is it possible for the 3 of us to apply together for the interview as well (since if one is rejected for a visa, we probably wouldn’t go)
    5. And finally if there’s any more advice regarding the situation – I’d love to hear it :)  

    Thanks for the help!!!

    • alok kumar

      its better through agent or travel agency because embassy knows there are more chances of your return to your home country and proper itinerary in place helps. though agents never have any other role in getting you the visa. second problem is mostly the age between 20 to 30 and being single becomes more of a problem as visa officers get very strict and suspicious in these cases. Mainly better business backgrounds and better job positions comes handy as visa officer feels that person will surely return.
       i wrote in detail because i myself went to UK and schengen ( Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Italy) in June 2012 and my age and mainly being single did created some problem and visa officer asked me more about this and it was half an hour interview where my business papers satisfied him at last and it was with annual turnover of 1 million US dollar. Uk no interview got multiple 6 months visa but schengen is tough..and got only 14 days single entry because my stay in schengen was 12 days. visa officer discussed my itinerary in detail and asked about places i will see in Italy as it was Italian embassy…
      i will suggest u go through package tour of a better travel company..all the best..

      • Aj

        Thanks a lot Alok … appreciate the advice!!

  • Info

    Someone Do help, 

    Basically am applying for Swiss Visa, I am travelling with my wife we both just got UK Visa last week, and I have a 10 year US visa, but my wife USA Visa was rejected.

    For Swiss visa they say you must mention in your application about refusal, do you think it will cause problems if I mention my wife’s refusal? Or should I not mention it at all?

    Please help am applying monday,

    Btw I have done our air tickets, hotels, and insurance and bank balance is about 8 lac rupees.

    Thanks in advance.

  • AG

    URGENT — Hi Indian Compass,

    This post has really been very helpful but at the same time I still have a doubt which hasn’t been answered after reading the below posts. 

    I am planning to visit my sister in France who is doing Phd there. I have flowing doubts –

    1) As she herself is a student should I mention in my application about visiting friends and family or just apply as a tourist. 

    2) I have not made any hotel reservations as I will be staying with her and will be visiting Swiz and Germany where I will be staying at her friends place. My sister can provide me with her resident permit , attested residence contract, her passport and visa copies.  Should I ask from her friends also for the same (accommodation proof) where I will be staying in Swiz and Germany or just avoid mentioning about visiting these countries and stick to only France as my visit is for 20 days. 

    3) During Interview I might be asked about what will I do there for 20 days and this might act against me so what should I do as I do not have hotel bookings.

    FYI – I am employed in an IT firm in Bangalore and have multiple bank accounts showing funds around 1.5 – 2 Lac which i will be producing in the embassy. Hope this will suffice to support my stay for 20 days there. 

    Please assist me as I am planning to apply in a weeks time. 

    Thanks again for reading my post!

    Thanks and Regards

    • AG

      Hi All – I got my Schengen visa through French embassy!

  • Mansi

    I am going to USA for my Masters I have booked tickets through Lufthansa Airlines and it has two halts first in Munich and then in Amsterdam. Now the officials are saying that I need a schengen Visa as Munich to Amsterdam is a domestic flight.

    At Munich my arrival and departure terminal is same so I wont be leaving the airport.

    Do I need to issue a schengen Visa??

    Thank You

    • GB

      I think you do… precisely because you are flying from one Schengen territory to another Schengen territory
      Still.. you should get it verified from VFS or from German consulate

  • Kinshuk Mishra

    Im planning to visit my friend in Thessaloniki, Greece for a week in Aug 2012. 
    Not planning to disclose that I’ll be staying with her, putting in some cancellable hotel reservation with the visa application. Now my dilemma is whether to disclose that Im working for my parent’s company & my parents are sponsoring my visit & be done with that (if I do this what additional documentation will I be required to put in?)OR should I show that company as just my employer a/w a letter from the company about my employment, salary & leave status? Will obv add parent’s bank statements alongwith mine in both cases.Does one need to have an itinerary? cant one say, I’ll discover the city with a few friends who will be joining me there? Just spend time doing nothing besides being absolutely lazy…well thats my idea of a holiday anyway!

    I have studied in the UK 2002, will adding a copy of that visa help? Look forward to your suggestions.Thanks!K

  • kaleem khan

    can u please help me 
    im from hyderabad 
    im apply france visa in bangalore
    my interview also done but very hard 
    my all dacuments r very strong 
    she said go home u  resive ur passport at home adress i give her my home adress 
    the problem is they not sending my passport 
    my all travelling dates r expire 
    im also track my passport the mmessage show me on online ur application already send to embassy 
    she scan my photos n retrun back to me 
    pls help me they still give me visa r not 
    my all dates r expire 

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    for tese nice posts…lets hope i am visit here again in future..

  • pranjal

    A big thanks first. Going through this website has really helped us plan our trip. Also i have a question of my own. Thought I’d put it across.My wife and I got married in February 2012. Our Marriage Certificate is in the process of being made as of now, however the names & details on our Passport haven’t been updated.(Eg. ‘Name of Spouse’ column is still blank). We plan to visit Paris (France) & Lisbon (Portugal) for 4 days each in October 2012 and were wondering how best to make the Visa application. a) Since our passports don’t acknowledge the spouses, should we apply separately as “SINGLE” on the Application Form? (we don’t want to do this!) b) Or should we attach the Marriage Certificate even though the Passports are not updated and mention the whole thing in the covering letter?c) Any other suggestion?d) Should we apply to Portugal or France (we’re flying in & out of Paris) for less strict rules?Both our passports have been stamped before. UK stamp on mine (twice) & UK+Italy on my wife’s. Does that help? We really hope to get some sort of a response for this query. Its been troubling us for quite a while now.   Thanking you in anticipation.    

  • Alok

    I am going for MS studies to USA and have booked a flight to LA fro New Delhi on Lufthansa Airways. My flight has Two stopovers one at Vienna for one hour and the second at Frankfurt for approx. four hours. I am being told by my travel agent that I require a transit visa (Schengen Visa) for this trip even if I am not entering any of the above mentioned cities. Can omeone guide about rules and regulations regarding this.

  • Kalpondichery

    sir i am an ayurveda therapist is it possible after going to france as a tourist  i can do massage for short period

  • Mohammed Kaleemkhan

    im applying honeymoon tourist visa france embassy in bangalore
    FOR10 days my all papers r ready but my banks statement is 2L is ok and my wife bank statement is near 2L
    my brother in law give gift as tickket 
    my hotel booking r confrom
    my cover letter is ready what i do in paris 8days in paris 2days in starbuss
    travel insureance also TATA AIG 50000$i have my all documents r ready im scare only bank statement help me help me 
    mail me here

    • Indian Compass

      Your bank statements put together is very very healthy. Please do not worry about it – especially since the airtickets are being borne by your brother-in-law.

      Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your trip.

      • kaleem khan

        thanks i got it visa 

  • Leckram

    Just went for the French Bio-metrics  will get my visa in a day. I just wanted to know that in the near future if I ever need a visa from the French embassy. Do they insist on a Bio-metric scan again or they use the data stored.

    • Indian Compass

      You must have the information by now, but the answer is: they store your data. So this is the only time you will give a biometric to the French Embassy. However, if you apply from other embassies, they will call for biometrics separately (However, only France is taking the biometrics at the moment in India).

  • Harvi Singh

    I just completed my study and now I am Going on an internship to Ukraine, I also wish to visit Italy and German. Can I get a visa of Italy and germany from Ukraine or do I have to get it from here only?
    And If I have to get it from here then on what ground should I habe to apply because I don’t have Any bank statement of my own.
    Please guide me!

  • Sunnykataria

    the thing is i’m going to russia for an internship for 2 months with my friend and we want to vist amsterdam after the internship, i got my russian visa and i need to know that can i get the schengen visa as well and what are the documents required as i’m a student and my dad is funding my trip.
    please help..

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